#WatchaWearinJanuary – Hey June Charleston – Petal Sleeve Hack


I’m thrilled to FINALLY share pictures of my latest Hey June (affiliate link – you are under ZERO obligation to click through to the site using this link, but if you do and make a purchase, I very modestly compensated and will likely add it to my stash fabric fund!)   Charleston dress as a part of the #watchawearinjanuary blog tour!  This is my third version of the dress (previously sewn versions here) and for this one not only did I make my standard adjustments, including dropping the bust point, but I’ve also made some design changes, including lengthening the skirt, drafting a new neckline and creating petal sleeves!

Beyond that, this is the first zipper I’ve sewn in a garment for myself, and while this “invisible zipper” may not be so invisible – I’m insanely proud that I was able to install it into a dress that has been adjusted for my swayback (or backside -not 100% clear which challenge I have) properly so that there is no waviness!  And yes – it is not nearly long enough — I used what I had in my stash (please don’t cringe – a little wiggle and I seam to be able to break free!).


In order to hack the pattern, the neckline on the bodice was both raised and then cut into a semi sweetheart/v-neck shape (not sure if it has an official term).  For the petal sleeve, I most closely followed the tutorial by Kennis from Itch to Stitch found here.  Because I am using this beautiful (yet lightweight) double knit from Knitpop, I decided it would behave better with a bias bonding rather than a hem…  Unfortunately the stretch in the fabric and the “stiffness” of the woven bias tape caused some buckling at the insertion points on the armscye (meh – live and learn, right?)

You can see both adjusted pattern pieces here:

img_1330 img_1380

Given this is the #watchawearinjanuary blog tour, I figured I should share some shots of one way I would style it:

Here, I’ve paired the dress with a fuschia blazer that I’ve owned for AGES from Rachel Roy, but the drafting was wayyy off for my pre-baby body…  With two full-term pregnancies under my belt – the ease in the front of the jacket feels JUST RIGHT!  I work in a business professional setting so I’m still not certain if this outfit is too out there…What do you think?

Overall, I like to think this dress is another feather in my cap (and free to me sewing lesson!). It’s funny because when I received this fabric in my mystery box – I was baffled – and my mind continuously made outfit after outfit with it…  But now that this dress is made – I can’t imagine it having been made into anything other than what it is!


Finally, don’t forget to click through to the other bloggers pages to learn more about what we are wearing in January! There’s a Rafflecopter that makes you eligible to win an outrageously good prize – what do you have to lose?

Ti (the tour host) has secured 2 prize packs! She’s giving away a total of 59 patterns and $235 worth of gift cards! Be sure to come back every day to register for chances to win:

Prize pack #1: 28 patterns, $100 in store credit to Raspberry Creek Fabrics and a $20 gift card to Mummykins and me.

Prize pack #2: 28 patterns, $30 credit to posh prints, $25 credit to You made something, $20 credit to P4P AND 2 yards art gallery fabric +1 coordinate from NR fabrics.

Sunday, January 15th: Sewing By Ti, Embrace Everyday
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Wednesday, January 18th: Tenille’s Thread, Mahlica Designs
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Friday, January 20th: Creative Counselor
Saturday, January 21st: Wild and Wanderful

21 thoughts

  1. I’ve enjoyed seeing the details as this project came together, and have anticipated is reveal. I have not been disappointed! It is beautiful and the fit is spot on! Great work!


  2. This looks fabulous! How did you lengthen the skirt? Did you just add to the hem or did you add length throughout? I think I want mine midi length when I make it.


    1. Thanks Katie! I added length right in the middle of the skirt (shortened the bodice 1.5″ and added 5 inches to the skirt)… Ideally I would have split it because the pieces are not drafted as straight edges…. I would recommend doing it the right way! 😂


  3. I just muslined the charleston for myself and found I needed zero adjustments. It is creeping me out. I’m sure that the sky is going to fall any minute now. i can’t wait to sew mine up! And I’ll definitely be copying that petal sleeve. its going to look great on my shoulders.


    1. You know – it’s like coming across a unicorn! I say go with it – I’m sure plenty requires fit adjustments so revel in this easier process!


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