{Blog Tour} ITS ‘Love’ for the Hvar Jacket


Blog - Itch to Stitch Love Blog Tour - HVAR with Ponte and Faux Leather-3119
Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket Sewn by Mac of Harper+Lu – with new Sperry Duck Boots

I bet you are wondering what this Itch to Stitch Love Tour is all about!?!  Well, the sewing community has come together to support one of our own — Kennis from Itch to Stitch Designs — who recently had a break-in at her home.  She was left without the tools she uses to create and market her AMAZING patterns (computer, camera, sewing machines – you get the picture), and we wanted to do something to help!  Bloggers, Instagrammers, Fabric Shop Owners and other pattern designers have all come together to both showcase her patterns (to inspire you to try one out) – as well as to provide AMAZING prizes and incentives (you will have to scroll to the bottom to learn more).  I am thrilled to share my latest make with you all, and hope it inspires you to give her patterns a try!

First Things First

I feel I need to acknowledge – it has been a really LOOOONG time since I last posted (I mean, can I really call myself a blogger if I don’t blog regularly?).  I’m still sewing — having made a gorgeous jacket for family photos, a formal gown for a work event, and a couple other things — but I just haven’t been getting formal pictures and sharing them on my blog – though they have made it to my instagram account, where apparently I am more consistent (*hangs head while cloaked in blogger self-imposed shame*).

True Story

When I joined onto this blog tour, I immediately knew I would sew up Kennis’s most recent sewing pattern, the Hvar Jacket.  It is a SUPER straightforward pattern (Its only 3 pattern pieces my friends!), and the drape on the collar is EXQUISITE in the right fabric…  Well, that was my problem — Fabric (that dirty ‘F’ word)!  I have a RIDICULOUS amount in my stash – and yet NOTHING spoke to me!  I decided to head to Joann’s this past weekend to pick up something that would pair well with the pattern and I found the most gorgeous sueded scuba knit fabric.  I just KNEW it would be perfect for this pattern — and it IS!  However, its SOOO perfect – that I found out another blogger on the tour (Sarah at Sewing with Sarah) had already sewn it up, and did a PHENOMENAL job with it!  I mean really – you have to check it out!


Whomp, whomp… Back to the Drawing Board

Blog - Itch to Stitch Love Blog Tour - HVAR with Ponte and Faux Leather-3131

I knew I was quickly losing time, and decided I would absolutely pick something from my stash this time.  I played with more combos than I could count – but nothing really spoke to me,…  Well, that is until my kids started playing with this faux leather remnant I had from Joann’s.  I knew I wanted to do a knit version (less fit challenges that way – and I had no time to muslin… More on that silly mistake later), and this ponte fabric that I used for my Jalie Eleonore Jeans would be perfect for it.  I started playing around with options, and decided I would need to add a pocket with the “leather trim” so that I at least had a place for my phone (can’t leave home without it)!

Blog - Itch to Stitch Love Blog Tour - HVAR with Ponte and Faux Leather-3110
Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket Sewn by Mac of Harper+Lu – Pocket Hack
Blog - Itch to Stitch Love Blog Tour - HVAR with Ponte and Faux Leather-3146
Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket Sewn by Mac of Harper+Lu – Pocket Hack

To add the pocket, I traced the bottom of the front panel and cut a slanted line for the top.  I didn’t think through the 1-inch hem very well, so I lost some depth in my pockets – but hey – at least I have them, right?  And its a nice place to add a little more trim.


I then cut out two of the pocket pattern piece, serged on the trim and topstitched, and then basted it to the front piece — and sewed according to the rest of the instructions.

Other Changes or Adjustments?

As per my standard adjustments, I am short torsoed/waisted, and took 1.5″ from the waistline and 0.5″ from the armscye (armhole) level) – this also meant I shortened the sleeve cap height 0.5 inches as well (not shown).

Adding Petite/Short Torso Adjustments to the Hvar Jacket
Adding Petite/Short Torso Adjustments to the Hvar Jacket


What you do not see here are three adjustments that I have learned I should execute regularly, but that I do not always…

  1. The full bust adjustment – technically I am a sewing C-cup (Bra cup is a D), which is a 3″ difference between my high and regular bust (many of Kennis’s patterns already come with the cup size separately, which makes this easier) – I should have made an adjustment knowing this is for a B-cup — but with the open drafting on the jacket – I thought I could get away with it
  2. Lower the bust point – USUALLY, when you have a D-cup or larger (or you have had children, or aged, etc.) – you will have less, uh, perkiness.  In my case, having nursed two littles means I should execute this regularly, and I pay dearly when I skip this step (for this pattern, a simple muslin would have told me to lower by about an inch before removing the 0.5″ at the armscye).  I will have to remember this for next time.
  3. Forward shoulder adjustment – post babies, in the era of computer lifestyles and limited exercise, my shoulders are fairly rounded forward (see picture below).  I would say that I should make a 0.75″ adjustment or so to the sleeve for better fit. (see picture below).

Blog - Itch to Stitch Love Blog Tour - HVAR with Ponte and Faux Leather-3152Blog - Itch to Stitch Love Blog Tour - HVAR with Ponte and Faux Leather-3149

I am also wondering if I should have reduced the shoulder seam 0.5″ or so to get it to line up better – this seems to be having a dropped shoulder effect on me, and I know that’s not proper.  I am also not the most experienced seamstress, so this could totally be caused by my own inexperience with stabilizing shoulder seams and easing in sleeves. (PS – I actually broke out my blind stitch hemming foot for this pattern – I’m not great, but I see potential there!)

Overall impressions

So, so worth it to give this pattern a try!  I love all the shaping details Kennis has added and the color blocking opportunity on the front collar is a ton of fun!  I spent so much time agonizing over where to place the “leather” and took the debate to my favorite facebook group, Capsule Wardrobe Sew Along, and got over 200 comments and opinions (most feeling SUPER compelled by one version or the other)…

Topic of Debate: Leather Trim Placement?  Upper Collar or Lower Collar?

I hope I did most of those who contributed justice, and for those who selected the opposite option – hope you don’t hate the jacket too much! *grin*

Ultimately, I decided that I really liked the top of the version on the left, and the bottom of the version on the right (so neither was perfect?).  It all came down to balance, and the left seemed more like too much colorblocking if you look a the bottom hemline — especially when I wear it with colored pants.

Final Thoughts and Styling


Once I had clarity on the jacket’s design elements, I took to my dirty bedroom mirror and tried out several top options.  You may have seen these in my Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Planning Recap post.  The top I selected is actually from one of our sponsors, Hey June Handmade, and uses fabric from another sponsor, Knitpop!  I wrote about it in my Back to Basics 2017 – Wrap Up (it’s my Hamburglar top, hahaha).

Blog - Itch to Stitch Love Blog Tour - HVAR with Ponte and Faux Leather-3142
Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket Sewn by Mac of Harper+Lu – with faux leather trim
Blog - Itch to Stitch Love Blog Tour - HVAR with Ponte and Faux Leather-3139
Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket Sewn by Mac of Harper+Lu – with faux leather trim
Blog - Itch to Stitch Love Blog Tour - HVAR with Ponte and Faux Leather-3134
Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket Sewn by Mac of Harper+Lu – with faux leather trim

Oh – and this gave me the PERFECT excuse to pick up a pair of Sperry Duck Boots!  Now that the temps are dropping – you will likely see these babies A LOT!

Blog - Itch to Stitch Love Blog Tour - HVAR with Ponte and Faux Leather-3122
Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket Sewn by Mac of Harper+Lu – with new Sperry Duck Boots
Blog - Itch to Stitch Love Blog Tour - HVAR with Ponte and Faux Leather-3128
Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket Sewn by Mac of Harper+Lu – with new Sperry Duck Boots


Well – if you’ve gotten this far – I hope you will stop by Itch to Stitch and spend, spend, spend!  Also, don’t forget to stop by pages of the other bloggers, instagrammers, fabric shops and designers, and show them some love too (and maybe win a prize???).


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The ITS Love Tour sponsors have been so generous in support of Kennis of Itch to Stitch that we’ve been able to put together several prize packages to share with you.
First, you may enter our giveaway to win one of three prize packs:

Prize Pack #1 includes:

5 Itch to Stitch patterns
$25GC to Simply By Ti
$50 Raspberry Creek Gift Card
$50 Bella Sunshine gift card

Prize Pack #2 includes:

$50 Knit Pop GC
$25 Designer Stitch GC
$25 Chalk and Notch GC
3 patterns of choice from Coffee And Thread
2 patterns of choice from Hey June Handmade

Prize Pack #3 Includes:

$15 Thread & Grain store credit
$25 Maker Mountain Fabrics GC
$40 So Sew English GC
3 patterns from Halla Patterns

A Rafflecopter Giveaway

Your second way to win is to share with us your recent Itch to Stitch creations (made between October and November 2017). Add your creations to our Link Up Party before Nov. 20th for a chance to win one of two prize packs.

LinkUp Prize Pack #1 includes:

5 Itch to Stitch patterns
A $40 value PFRE Sly Fox Fabrics.
$25 Maker Mountain Fabrics GC
$50 Love Notions GC

LinkUp Prize Pack #2 includes:

$25 Stylish Fabric GC & sewing box kit
$25 Chalk and Notch GC
5 patterns from Rad Patterns
Pattern of choice from DG Patterns
Giveaway and Linkup prize winners will be announced on or about November 21st.


15 thoughts

  1. I adore your version of Hvar – and they way you pull the outfit together is fabulous – you have such a wonderful sense of your style!


  2. You have pulled an amazing jacket right out of your stash! I tried to find some grey sueded scuba at my local Joann after reading about you and Sarah (I think it should be called the Blogger’s Special Scuba), but it’s not in stock anywhere near me. (I was thinking suede Lindy….). OH! and I can’t wait to see the different ways you style your new boots.

    I think I’m turning into a copy-cat.


  3. Ooh, I love those boots! I may have to lurk Amazon and see if I can find a pair 🙂

    And your jacket is amazing! The denim doesn’t even look like a knit. This has to make it to the top of my queue — I have some olive faux leather that would be peeeerfect!!


  4. You are so cute and everything you make looks great on you! I’m not a fan of brown fabric of any type (which is why I didn’t vote😆) but your jacket looks fabulous! The new boots look cute too.


  5. I just LOVe how your version turned out- and I’m so jealous of your pockets! I also really like hearing all your thoughts on fit adjustments, as that’s an area I really need to grow in! Your jacket turned out fabulous- and I think the stripes are the perfect accent! Now off to go buy your boots- they were already sitting in my zappos cart but I couldn’t decide between navy and mustard! Oh, and thanks so much for including my jacket in your post- great minds and all that!


  6. You totally hit it out of the park with your fabric choice. The jacket looks AMAZING!! Sorry you that had some very stressful experience. Take it easy girl!


  7. Your Hvar is absolutely stunning! The faux leather and added pocket with faux leather detail really make it special. You’ve really made me want to make this exact jacket. It’s just too good!


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