Capsule Wardrobe Planning Template

Hello Friends!

I personally feel like this “template” has been due for a long time!  I have tried several capsule planning templates, but none have quite worked for me!  I have realized that I do best with SOME structure/guidance – but only when coupled with LOTS of room for creativity!

I’m including a link to a pdf file of my Capsule “Prime” Planning Template here in case you find it helpful.  My hope is to use a mix of purchased and handmade garments to simplify my life.  I’m hoping that by using a template like this, it will be easier to pare down my closet – I mean honestly, I wear but so many things in a given period as a work from home mom of two!

Capsule Prime Planning Template by Mac of Harper + Lu

If you use the template, and find it helpful – would you please make sure to drop me a note below?  I’d love to hear how it can be improved.  I am currently using it to plan for my Fall 2017 wardrobe, and will be testing out how it works for me!

Happy Planning,