#WatchaWearinJanuary Blog Tour – Charleston Dress by Hey June

If you have seen me around any of the Facebook groups – you HAVE to have seen me post a version of my Charleston Dress by Hey June.  I have now made THREE versions of the dress, and have decided to share my first TWO versions with you!

As a part of the #watchawearinjanuary blog tour, we are showcasing what we are wearing in our climates, and/or for where we are headed.  I work in a business professional setting, so the ability to throw on a blazer with a nice dress (albeit, with a pair of boots, given its been approaching/below freezing), is worth its weight in gold.


This dress comes in two views: View A is an a-line skirt.  The first version I completed was using view A (please note, I lengthened the skirt to make it knee length, made a quick and dirty full bust adjustment by blending sizes, and shortened the bodice to accommodate my short torso – phew – THAT’S why I’m rarely happy in ready-to-wear clothing!)

I used a Liverpool (aka polyester spandex doubleknit) fabric that I had purchased from Denver Fabrics.  As it was my muslin, I didn’t worry too much about construction and that CLEARLY SHOWS (ummm… hello large seam down the front of the skirt — please remember to cut this piece on the FOLD if you are making it for yourself!).  There are nice DEEP pockets, the fit is comfortable, yet flattering, and in a stretchy enough material – you can cut the back on the fold, and omit the zipper altogether -SWEET!  As this was my first foray into florals – you can see I thought pairing it with a neutral solid cardigan helped to tone down the dress!

For my second version, I used another floral, but this time out of a scuba (far more stable) knit from Knitpop!  Ohhhh how I adore Knitpop!  Those mystery boxes can be ADDICTIVE (now I get why folks love to receive Stitch Fix boxes – it’s like Christmas at every delivery – especially when you aren’t sure of the contents).

This is view B (the sheath dress) and I cut the same size: medium blended to a large waist. I also decided to hack the neckline into a raised slit neck like you see here:
To achieve this look, I measured how much higher I wanted the neckline to be from my muslin, and then drafted a new pattern piece and a front and back facing:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This V neck is far more pronounced than I intended, but I kind of like it that way!  At first I thought I did something wrong because my v would not lay well, but topstitching made ALL the difference!

Well – that’s all I have for now!  If you enjoyed the review – please let me know below!

Also, don’t forget to click through to the other bloggers pages to learn more about what we are wearing in January!  There’s a Rafflecopter that makes you eligible to win an outrageously good prize – what do you have to lose?

Ti (the tour host) has secured 2 prize packs! She’s giving away a total of 59 patterns and $235 worth of gift cards! Be sure to come back every day to register for chances to win:

Prize pack #1: 28 patterns, $100 in store credit to Raspberry Creek Fabrics and a $20 gift card to Mummykins and me.

Prize pack #2: 28 patterns, $30 credit to posh prints, $25 credit to You made something, $20 credit to P4P AND 2 yards art gallery fabric +1 coordinate from NR fabrics.

If you’re ready to be inspired, feel free to begin clicking through our HTML for this week. Obviously, posts go live on their date.

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10 thoughts

  1. The charleston is such a great “work” dress. Enough options to keep it different each time. You could wear a different one every day and no one would even notice it was the same pattern.


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