{MADE} Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee (Free Pattern!!)

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Hello beautiful people!  I seem to have crawled out of my proverbial work-filled hole (not for long so don’t expect too much) just long enough to have sewn up the yummiest fabric EVER!!!  I was looking for a pattern that would be SUPER simple, show off the fabric well, and sew up QUICK.  The Mandy Boat Neck Tee by Tessuti was the perfect match, and I will spend the rest of my short blog post convincing you to say the same!

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Yummy Sweater Knits Deserve Simple Sewing Patterns

This fabric is a Brushed Hacci Sweater Knit from Sly Fox Fabrics and it is nothing short of perfect in my eyes!  The product description says it is 83% polyester, 14% rayon, 3% spandex, 150 gsm, and almost 60″ wide.  Both sides are really soft, but the outside brushed layer feels like something you just want to hug and never let go!  I would say it’s in between light and mid-weight (according to this link here) and will be perfect for Fall/Winter/Spring.  I wore it on a 69 degree Fall day here in DC – and was just fine, much to my surprise!  I’m guessing it’s the rayon content that adds to the breathability.   I was also surprised that the fabric would take any heat, but I used the silk setting on my iron with lots of steam and it ironed my seams, neckline and hems just fine (SCORE)!!!

Who doesn’t want a FAST sewing project???


This pattern is essentially a dolman sleeve sweater, but its even simpler than most of the ones I have used in the past!  The main body pieces are basically two large rectangles (which turn into drop shoulders when worn), and two sleeve pieces.  FOUR pattern pieces – that’s all!  The neck line is folded down and stitched with a twin needle and the hems (bottom and hem) are finished the same.  I would argue its a great beginner pattern – especially since it only comes in one size (more on that later).

My adjustments and plans for future versions

Blog - Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee - Sly Fox Sweater Knit-2931

I already knew that I would attempt my short torso adjustments (taking two inches out of the bodice for example), but given that this is a one size fits all pattern (AUS sizing 8-16), I knew I would need to take some width out of the front and back bodices.

Blog - Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee - Sly Fox Sweater Knit-2930

Based on Kelli’s post from True Bias, I decided I would try removing 3/4″ from each the front and back bodice pieces (3″ total), but I am certain I could go more aggressive and possibly do another 1-2″ at least.  I LOVE the slouchy look of the pattern so I won’t get TOO aggressive, but I do want it to be a little more close fitting on the sides than it is now.


My last adjustment would be to the back hemline.  It would do two things for me — 1) I wouldn’t mix the front and back when I get dressed (a minor inconvenience, but inconvenient all the same), and 2) it would give me a little bit more backside coverage (I’m not quite certain where I got this one from, but I think it developed when I hit my thirties, *grin* – that means it’s been a while…)

Blog - Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee - Sly Fox Sweater Knit-2911

Overall Impression?

I am THRILLED with this sweater (if you know me in real life – you will likely get tired of seeing me wear it – play along, won’tcha?) – and think it pairs really nicely with these wine colored pants I just picked up!  How long do you think I’ll be able to wear them before my ankles get too cold?  I’m taking bets people – drop me a note in the comments!!!


PS – I want to give a special shout out to the man behind the camera who shot almost 50 pictures in about 5 minutes flat!  A screaming toddler and his 4 year old sister seem to have encouraged us to get a process down STAT!


  1. Kids make the picture taking process interesting, right?y son wants to be taking the pictures now!
    Cute shirt, I’m definitely going to go check the designer out.


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