Sewing – A Developing Passion

I feel compelled to share why I started sewing…  Admittedly, it wasn’t because I thought I would become the amazing seamstress I am today (insert smirk here) – but rather to save $$$.  See, I started with a budget to furnish our outdoor patio in our new home.  I REALLY wanted a specific look, and insisted that I would get it CHEAPER by going the DIY route (famous last words?)…  Short story – I got the look – but it wasn’t as cheap as I would have hoped (those of you who sew know JUST what I’m talking about!).


Instead of using this skill for one measly project, I found a new hobby that will (hopefully) stay with me indefinitely!  I went to Walmart and picked up the cheapest basic sewing machine I could find that would do a buttonhole (1 buttonhole to be exact) – I bought a Brother LX2763 and asked around on my mom’s group on Facebook if anyone could teach me to use my machine.  Two women offered to help – and I am forever grateful!  I learned to thread my machine, sew a straight stich and to make a box corner (or 3)!


Now of course – they lack zippers, but I figure when I’m sick of them, I will just recover them, rather than washing (is that gross?)…


The tops were easier, and I did box corners for the bottom (so it would sit on the main cushion) and then a slipstitched top.  Easy peasy!

I’d recommend for the rest of you out there to put openings in your cushions, but this DIYer had reached the end of her limits! I had a pirate party to plan (and a pregnancy to focus on) – so that was all she wrote!

Baby girl enjoyed the party, and I was happy with my new cushions – win-win in my book!


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