First Me-Made Garment: P4P Henley with Nursing Mod

During my pregnancy I taught myself to sew home decor projects and to dabble in children’s clothing. However, once baby boy was finally here, I DESPERATELY needed a comfy nursing shirt.  I had never made a garment for myself before, but figured — “I got this” — Haha, what a learning curve!  I made this shirt at 7 weeks postpartum and felt damn good about it (even with all its imperfections).

Blog - P4P Henley Nursing Mod v2-0754

Patterns for Pirates is the first pattern company that made me feel like I could ACTUALLY tackle a sewing pattern for me!  Judy Hale (the pattern designer) uses plain language and lots of pictures to walk you through construction.  There is a Facebook group too — and there you can get all kinds of feedback and assistance along the way!  Its such a wonderful community of seamstresses helping newbie seamstresses like myself.

Blog - P4P Henley Nursing Mod v2-0732

For my version, I followed Judy’s instructions on her nursing mod blog post.  I didn’t end up following it completely because, well, I’m lazy newbie seamstress, lol.  Figured I could always just take a cheap tank top and cut it into a modesty panel.  I used the WORST slinky knit fabric in Jo-Ann’s and it was a beast to sew, but hey – it wasn’t too expensive, and at least I learned just how bad things can get if you aren’t careful with your fabric selection.  I lined my hood and made my henley placket and sleeve tabs from a coordinating quilting cotton from the remnants bin.

Blog - P4P Henley Nursing Mod v2-0731

I didn’t know anything about stabilizing my neckline and I am sure it grew…  I ended up adding a box pleat in the back to properly attach the hood…  The quilting cotton and slinky knit kept fighting each other…  Live and learn.

Blog - P4P Henley Nursing Mod v2-0724

I feel good about it and though I wish I had finished the neckline with twill tape it serging and topstitching it’s not a big deal because this investment cost me less tha one private sewing lesson would ever cost!

Blog - P4P Henley Nursing Mod v2-0722

All-in, this was my most worn garment those early days and through this experience I learned enough to know that I could complete a finished garment that I was proud of, with very little financial investment and a little bit of time.

Happy Sewing!

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