Back to Basics 2017 – Wrap Up

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Katie of the Creative Counselor and I teamed up to encourage other seamstresses to take the time to sew up some “basics” (very loosely defined) for their wardrobes from June 4-17.  I had exceptionally ambitious plans – and decided adding two pairs of pants and a couple of tops into my wardrobe would DEFINITELY happen in that time frame…  Ha, wishful thinking!  The universe threw EVERYTHING it had at me: crazy work hours, out of town guests, spring cleaning – the WORKS!  However, if you are anything like me — when you have a picture in your mind of what you think are the most perfect additions to your wardrobe – and you’ve already purchased and washed the fabric – you will stop at nothing to see your vision become a reality!

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Fabric Shopping – my FAVORITE!

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I don’t know how to sum up the feeling I get when I find fabric that makes my heart sing – but that’s what happened when my orders for this outfit came in the mail! I ordered 3 yards of double brushed poly black and white stripes from Knitpop during their sale in April and knew I wanted a top and a dress.  I just didn’t know which patterns would be best.  Obviously I still have a dress on its way…  It’s coming y’all!

After that, I did more fabric shopping (yep – that’s what happens when I don’t have as much time to sew — I shop instead), I came across this olive green stretch linen while it was on sale at Fabricmart I just KNEW it was destined to become an easy to wear pair of pants!  It was the perfect lightweight summer pants fabric – and I knew once I sewed them up, that they would get tons of wear (and admittedly they are already in heavy rotation).

Matching Fabrics with Patterns

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Ok – so this is DEFINITELY not my first time sewing up the True Bias Hudson Joggers (my last version here).  However, I went out on a limb and used the Hudson Joggers woven pants hack Kelli posted on her blog (see here).  I followed the instructions and added SIGNIFICANT length to the pocket (I think about 4-5 inches) to ensure that I could place my phone inside and not have it fall out when I sit.  I cut my regular size (didn’t need to size up), given the stretch in the material and that my legs are not very large and my hips non-existent!  One minor change that I notice the more I look at the pants is that parhaps I could have benefited from interfacing the pocket seam – maybe I will try that next time?

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Lastly, I added about 4 inches in length to accommodate the fact that the inseam was a little short on me in my original version.  I was lazy and cut my fabric folded over and realize that I must have somehow either (1) cut my fabric off grain, or (2) mistakenly added length to the pants leg in a way that threw off the grain line…  Next time, I will likely extend the grainline on the pattern piece to the hem so it is perpendicular, and THEN add the length.  Admittedly, the twisting on the fabric bothers me a smidge – but certainly not enough to not wear them!  I wear them cuffed though (I didn’t even bother hemming — shhhhh, don’t tell anyone), and they look cute with my gladiator sandals that way – so wins all around!

Comfort Capsule – take two in the works?

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I have been DYING to turn this yummy striped fabric into a top, but have you ever tried to cut a small shirt out of 3 yards of fabric???  It just seems WRONG to sacrifice one little corner for a simple top – but I couldn’t have made a better decision.  I used the Hey June Union Street Tee (*affiliate link), didn’t add the sleeves, and calculated the measurements for the armbands with help from members of the Hey June Facebook group.  It came out almost perfect (I made a miscalculation on the arm band so I had to make a minor adjustment), but for now – enjoy striped hamburgler goodness below:

Blog - Back to Basics - True Bias Hudsons and Hey June Union St Tee-1095

Blog - Back to Basics - True Bias Hudsons and Hey June Union St Tee-1100

More comfy goodness for Back to Basics?

Blog - Jalie Vanessa Fluid Pants - Pattern Revolution-1007

I was on a wovens roll, and made another pair of woven joggers that will be in heavy rotation!  The Jalie Vanessa Fluid pants are made for wovens and I wanted to get a feel for the differences.  I really adore these pants, and would encourage you to check out my blog post on the Pattern Revolution site here.  I talk about my experience with the pattern there.

Blog - Jalie Vanessa Fluid Pants - Pattern Revolution-0985

I want to thank Katie for encouraging me to add more basics to my wardrobe – I feel like these three pieces (I have more on the way in various stages of completion, lol) already are bringing lots of versatility to my summer wardrobe, and are already getting plenty of use!  What “basic” makes have you added to your wardrobe lately? Sound off below!

*This post contains an affiliate link – if you click on the link and make a purchase, I will receive a small contribution to my pattern and fabric fund – I thank you in advance!

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  1. Thanks so much for a fab post! I’ve been stashing Rayon Challis like crazy for 2 years now because I love the feel of it but wasn’t sure that to make. I see some Hudsons in my future. They’ll be perfect for chasing my toddler twins around. 🙂


  2. what a LOVELY outfits!! So great! I especially love your Hudson pants, wow, they are truly amazing! makes me want to but the pattern immediately, and maybe even the same fabric 😉 I also really want to try some more pants and basics, so this is again a reminder of that 🙂


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