Love Notions Releases: Allegro and Laundry Day Tee

Recently, I have been on a basics kick!  If you read my most recent post (here) you will remember that I had been sewing up wardrobe essentials for the Summer.  Well my friends – that bug is not letting up!  When Tami of Love Notions shared that she was testing a set of woven joggers/shorts – I thought to myself – if I hadn’t just sewn up TWO pairs of woven joggers – I would have jumped at the opportunity, but I remained strong…  Until, she added in a SKIRT to the pattern!!!  UGH – you guys, I’m a sucker for all things pocketed practical, and I could no longer hold out!  Bonus was that she was also updating the LDT and it would be re-released on the same day as the Allegro – yesterday!  Welp, my weekend was focused on sewing these two babies up, and let me tell ya – I am SOOO glad I did!

Allegro and LDT

Allegro and Yummy Chambray Fabric

I don’t know about you, but I let my fabric speak to me…  It seems a bit melodramatic (and maybe that’s because it is) but I now ALWAYS buy my fabric with a pattern/design in mind.  It would seem like this would make me the picture of efficient, until my fabric decides it no longer wants to follow my plans.  That is what happened with this chambray.  Its been sitting in my stash since before Hancock’s closed (I’m sure this will date my blog posts big time in the near future).  It was DESTINED to be a popover or some other sort of button-down, but when this pattern came about – it was like bringing together macaroni and cheese – true comfort food for my sewing soul!

FB - Love Notions ALLEGRO-1321

Allegro Pattern Details

According to the pattern description:

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 9.03.08 PM.png

The Allegro* (affiliate link) pattern features 5 bottom views, all feature a pull-on style with front slash pockets, back patch pockets, a faux fly and elastic waistband with drawstring. The pants and shorts have a semi-relaxed fit through the hips and thighs, tapering down to the ankle. The pants and shorts can be hemmed or cuffed. Two skirts are included- knee length and ankle length. The ankle length skirt features two slits up to the knee. This pattern is meant for light to medium weight apparel woven fabrics. Knits may be used but sizing down may be needed.

FB - Love Notions ALLEGRO-1307

Its the special details that make the pattern

What the Allegro description doesn’t capture is that the waistband is contoured (such a nice touch) and that the corners are finished quite nicely on the slits.

FB - Love Notions ALLEGRO-1352

The pockets are nice and roomy (a pet peeve of mine that you will know by now if you have read any of my other blog posts) and can accommodate both my hands and cell phone (win-win).

Ankle length for casual summer days/nights

I’m wearing the ankle length version and it is legitimately ankle length (despite my 5’3″ height I have long legs)…  I prefer to style this skirt with flats, as the length might be awkward with heels on me (I tried my precious nude gladiator sandals, but alas – it would not work with this skirt).

But wait – I sewed something else!

Man, oh, man – you are probably thinking – that skirt could have held its own in a post (I know at least that’s what I was thinking, lol), but I am just TOO excited to share my second latest make with you, and figured one blog post two-fer was in store!

FB - Love Notions Laundry Day Tee Re-Release-1271

(yep – those are my favorite sandals – from Aerosoles!)

Laundry Day Tee (LDT) Re-Release

That trickster Tami and team, have been feverishly working behind the scenes to get this pattern updated.  I, personally, have never made an LDT (honestly – I must have been hiding under a rock somewhere, lol) – but with the updates – I thought – why not???

FB - Love Notions Laundry Day Tee Re-Release-1283

Laundry Day Tee (LDT) Pattern Details

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 9.29.55 PM.png

According to the description:

…The newly updated Laundry Day Tee comes with three neckline options- scoop, v-neck & cowl as well as five sleeve lengths- tank, short, elbow, 3/4 and long. You also get to choose from a regular tee shirt length,  tunic length & dress. The tunic and dress lengths have a high/low hem option.

Some of you are probably wondering what the differences are – Tami includes details on the listing, but I’m adding them below for any of you reading this post:

June 2017 update: the newly re-designed and re-tested LDT now features a better fitting sleeve, more sleeve options, a dress length and high/low tunic & dress options! The tee and tunic have also been shortened.

My take on the Laundry Day Tee with Sly Fox Fabric

MAN – I LOVE STRIPES!!!  Seriously (see stripes here and here, and on my daughter and son here and here)…  Ok – perhaps a little TOO MUCH!  But these are not your regular old plain stripes…  This is a double brushed poly variegated stripe in various shades of green, black and white from Sly Fox Fabrics!  I had something else planned for it (story of my life), but I could not get the idea of a striped T-shirt dress and vest out of my mind — and this was PERFECT!  Inspired by, yet not a copy (ha, well – I still have one planned – but that’s for another post)!

Fabric aside – this is an INCREDIBLY quick sew.  I cut the dress length, and love the flirty hemline.  The sleeves went on easily, and despite them being cut on the fold (which honestly is best for beginners), I feel like I have avoided any funny wrinkles (which is part the pattern, and part that my bust is now in a B sewing cup so YAY for no more FBA).

I did size down for this pattern (I was in between on the bust line measurements, far larger for my waistline and just right for the hips) – and am happy with the fit.  I envision this will lay even better in a drapey rayon/modal/bamboo spandex fabric.  I will have to give it a try to see the differences.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery (or something like that)

Inspiration photo (alongside mine) below (photo source: With Love from Kat)

tumblr_nbtol8r6dp1qkv30do1_500  FB - Love Notions Laundry Day Tee Re-Release-1278

How did I do??? What are you all up to?

*This post contains an affiliate link – if you click on the link and make a purchase, I will receive a small contribution to my pattern and fabric fund – I thank you in advance!

6 thoughts

  1. I always love your outfits!!! So cute! You always inspire me to want to sew more! We just moved and I cant wait to get my sewing room set up!!


  2. I am going on a cruise in seven weeks. I think I can create a whole cruise capsule out of these two patterns (plus one other for elegant night). I have a huge hip-to-waist ratio. I’m excited to have pants and skirts that will fit my hips and not gape at the waist. Awesome.


  3. Must you be so cute? All the time? All the heart eyes! But yeah, I just tested woven joggers for Kennis so why should I buy the new LN ones? Because I have impulse purchase control issues evidently. HAHAHAH.


  4. Everything is too cute! I hate to ask this (almost) but did you also make the vest? My granddaughter has become enamored of a denim jacket–I thought I could wean her to a denim vest.


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