{MADE} Jalie 3461 Eleonore Pull On Jeans and Closet Case Files Sallie Top Hack

FB - Closet Case Salle Hack and Jalie Eleonore Pull On Pants-1691

Welcome back to those who have stopped by before, and hello to those who may be here for the first time!  It’s so nice to be blogging again; I took a two week hiatus, and have been “staycationing” it up here in the hot as Hades DC area…  Keeping the kids busy (yet trying to stay cool) has taken up pretty much most my sewing time – but not ALL of it!  If you follow me on instagram (@macsmakespace), you will see that these Jalie Eleonore Pull On Jeans have been taking up quite a bit of time and mind space – and let me tell you — I don’t mind not one bit!  I now have a new pair of “jeans” that I can wear and feel cool and comfortable in – and I didn’t have to install any zippers, buttons, or rivets!

FB - Closet Case Salle Hack and Jalie Eleonore Pull On Pants-1623

Before I dive in, I feel the need to share something…  These “jeans” aren’t really “jeans” at all!  They are actually made from an amazing 2 Way stretch Ponte De Roma (Blue Denim) that I picked up from Spandex World while I was shopping in NYC (I am fully warning you that if you shop this site – you too may find yourself with endless amounts of ponte that will take you months to sew up!)


Based on the pattern description:

(The Eleonore Pull On Jeans are…) Stretch pull-on jeans (long or cropped) with wide waistband.

  • Yoke, faux fly in the front, patch pockets in the back
  • Fitted through waist and hips, straight from the knee down
  • Very easy to turn into skinny jeans!

Jalie Patterns ROCK!

If you’ve never purchased a Jalie pattern (and you aren’t a brand spanking new seamstress) you will be pleasantly surprised with the patterns!  There are JUST enough directions and pictures to get you through the pattern – without going overboard – I never hesitate to print the instructions and refer to them while sewing since the booklets have so few pages.  There are 27 sizes included in a layered format (children through plus sized adult), and the pattern pieces have all the appropriate markings and notches.  The website is in Canadian Dollars so if you are spending USD – you end up saving a little bit of money too (and who doesn’t like that?!?!).   Instructions are in english and french, and you can actually review them on the site before you purchase.

FB - Closet Case Salle Hack and Jalie Eleonore Pull On Pants-1659

Know thyself – some folks muslin, some live dangerously

Knowing myself, and how much I DESPISE not walking away with a wearable muslin – I opted to use ponte for this pattern.  The pattern actually calls for denim or twill with 20% stretch across the grain; but the midweight 9 oz ponte I used had about 25% stretch and worked perfectly.  It did have some very minimal vertical stretch, which combined with the elastic band – is the only thing that keeps these pants up on my butt when I bend (a welcome departure from what happens with most of my jeans!).

FB - Closet Case Salle Hack and Jalie Eleonore Pull On Pants-1700

I selected my size based on my hips, and did NOT grade out for the waistband (despite my waist measurements falling into a larger size).  I have learned that with anything that includes a knit waistband, so long as your waist measurement is smaller than your hip measurement – you do NOT need to grade larger (you may just want to cut your elastic more generously).  This may not work for everyone – but it has been a critical lesson for myself.  I would have ended up with an excessively large waistband (which falls closer to my high hip than waist anyway – meaning the extra postbaby weight I carry there does not impact the size that fits me best), and a bunch or rippling along the back band.

The (minimal) adjustments I made

FB - Closet Case Salle Hack and Jalie Eleonore Pull On Pants-1701

As I mentioned, I used a fabric that wasn’t recommended (but still works), used a wider waistband (I used a 1.5″ heavyweight knit elastic instead of the recommended 1″ and was very happy with that decision).  Its snug, stable and smooth, without flipping or causing really terrible love handles.  I also did not do the topstitching down the side because… lazy I thought I could get away without completing any more topstitching.  My machine HATES topstitching thread – and the 30 yd Gutterman thread roll that I purchased was not NEARLY enough to finish a full pair of jeans with double rows of stitching.  Lastly, I took about a 1/2 inch off of the back elastic band so that the band laid more flush against my back (serious swayback there)…  You can take a look here to see my standard measurements/adjustments to put this all in context.

Notes for next time

I think they are a pretty amazing fit out the gate – which is a blessing because I started with the pockets and topstitching  (versus making a muslin), and very well could have ended up with some great pockets on some awful pants! I love how large the pockets are – they are pretty proportional to my back side, and they sit nice and high (while most of my RTW (ready to wear) pants pockets sit below the curve of my derriere (indicating that I need more room).

FB - Closet Case Salle Hack and Jalie Eleonore Pull On Pants-1661

(Apologies for the excessive amount of gratuitous “booty” shots – but when you spend as much time as I did topstitching – you kind of want to show it off!)

For those of you who sew (I’m assuming that applies to most of you who have stopped by, *smile*), you may notice the dip in the center back seam along the waistband – that indicates that I need a touch more length on my back rise…  I’m thinking I should add a little bit to the rise above and below the yoke…

Onto that top!

I made this top what seems like ages ago (back in March), when I was attempting to make my DIY hacked Jumpsuit (linked here) and my Closet Case Files Sallie Jumpsuit (linked here).


This top is made from the Kimono version of the jumpsuit, with a band added from the P4P Favorite Tee top.  I made a slit in the front bodice, finished that edge, and added the tie there.  This is a cropped top – and I love it with high-waisted pants.  My sister saw me wearing this yesterday and complained that I seem to not be wearing enough clothes – but I would beg to differ!  Ugh – pre-tweens!  She has obviously relegated me to “old lady status” already!

FB - Closet Case Salle Hack and Jalie Eleonore Pull On Pants-1710

That Fabric though….

I used the Alexandra French Terry Print from So Sew English fabrics for the bodice.  Unfortunately, my top had a bad run in with some dark colored clothing in the wash, and has ended up slightly tinted – but I still love this top and will rock it anyway! Anyone have tips on how to restore it to its creamy untinted self?  Please drop a line in the comments if you do – I would be forever grateful.  Clearly, I have a thing or two to learn about properly laundering clothing!

FB - Closet Case Salle Hack and Jalie Eleonore Pull On Pants-1706

As you can see, the back has these lovely ties, which are more decorative in this stable knit, but are really quite functional in the jumpsuit; serving as a means to keep the top up on your shoulders.  I did two adjustments to the bodice that I will call out though,…  First, I raised the v-neck for modesty (which it turns out makes for a rather nonfunctional jumpsuit top (who knew?!?!?); and two, I dropped the ties down about a half inch in the back – I didn’t want them to tie across my neck, and thought this might allow them to drop a bit more.

FB - Closet Case Salle Hack and Jalie Eleonore Pull On Pants-1709

All in – I love this combo.  Both pieces are getting plenty of wear, both separately and together.  What have you all been up to?  How are you keeping cool?

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  1. RIT sells a color remover product! Look for it at Jo-Ann’s near the dyes. It worked pretty well when I washed a bunch of white based fabric with a red fabric that bled like crazy.


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