Pattern Review: Girl’s Lisse Cowl – New Horizons Designs

  1. First off – I BIG HEART EMOJI all things New Horizons Designs (aff link)…  When I saw the Lisse Cowl release photos make the rounds on Facebook, I insisted I would work up the nerve to tackle something that gorgeous for myself.  As you can see, the design features a cowl (or hood), high-waisted bodice, thumbhole cuffs and the gorgeous pleated petal skirt you see in the photos.

I made one for myself with the same fabric — but it was a bit too busy for my taste (ok – it was WAYYY too busy, lol).  However, paired with a solid color, it takes on a new feel and allows you to play with texture and design in a way that some designs cannot.

Blog-Girls Lisse Cowl-1538Blog-Girls Lisse Cowl-1550 For my daughter’s version, I decided to do the crossover funnel hood.  The print is from the Doodles collection at Jo-Ann’s Fabric & Crafts.  The mauve solid is a stretch French Terry I got on sale at NR Fabrics.  Because its a children’s version, I opted to not put in the drawstring (cords can be a no-no with the little ones), but it still sits on her head well.Blog-Girls Lisse Cowl-1567

The thumbhole cuffs are my little one’s favorite feature – in fact, she asked for me to put them on everything now!  The pattern has AWESOME instructions on how to do them, but it wasn’t until I google searched a video on thumbhole cuffs and constructed them now 3 times, that I really understand how to finish them on the sewing machine (these are actually hand finished).  #newbieseamstressproblemsBlog-Girls Lisse Cowl-1577Blog-Girls Lisse Cowl-1539

I always have trouble with curved hems.  I will likely always have trouble – but practice makes perfect, right?

Blog-Girls Lisse Cowl-1543

Overall, she loves it and I do too!

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    1. Thank you Ti! I’ve got sooo many projects to blog – would really like to catch up, but getting watermarks onto everything is more work than I realized!


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