Litore Love

It all started when these criss-crossing straps popped up on my Facebook feeds… I bought the Litore Pattern by Sofilantjes as soon as it was released (I’m a sucker for a release sale) and I then did with this pattern, what I do with seemingly every pattern I own – put it in my collection for that “one day” when I’m ready to sew it

Blog - Litore Upcycle-3719

The design of this dress is so pretty and so unique – I want to sew 500 of them (though this will be all she gets this Summer/Fall).

Blog - Litore Upcycle-3754

The dress was made from an XL (maybe larger) maxi dress I scored on the clearance rack from Target.  I knew it was destined for an upcycle project but I just couldn’t figure out how to showcase this super busy print, so…  On the (proverbial) shelf it sat… And sat… And sat… Until I almost decided to send it to the Goodwill – boy am I glad I didn’t do that!

Blog - Litore Upcycle-3820

The dress comes with several different skirt options, including the handkerchief hem (pictured here), and circle skirt hems, both with tunic options.  There is also a high-low hem circle skirt too.

Little Diva – ain’t she?Blog - Litore Upcycle-3876

I really wanted to make sure that I aligned the print well, and centered the bodice prints with the skirt – this took way longer than I would have liked, but it was well worth it!

Blog - Litore Upcycle-3897

Be still my beating heart – why – are those pockets she spots?!?!?

Blog - Litore Upcycle-3899

Blog - Litore Upcycle-3918

Despite the fleeting smile – she really does love this dress!

Blog - Litore Upcycle-3906Blog - Litore Upcycle-3909

… And so do I!

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