Tale of Two (Canyon) Cardigans

When Tami asked me if I would be a tester for the upcoming Canyon Cardigan from Love Notions* (aff link) I was THRILLED!  Not only did I need one of these sweaters in every color and design imaginable – but I was joining the ranks of other testers who I adore (I was honored to say the least).

Blog - Love Notions Canyon Cardigan-5403

I instantly knew I would be doing view C (the waterfall version) as I had a sweater I was looking to copy that I bought in Rome six years ago, that I have worn until the seams are popping (literally)!

Blog - Love Notions Canyon Cardigan-5410

I chose a lightweight sweater knit that I scored for $3/yd at G Street Fabrics in Maryland for my first version.  I knew I was pushing it to add pockets to something so lightweight, but I mean COME ON – who doesn’t want pockets in every garment they create?  Haha, maybe it’s just me. ☺️ – At just around 2 yards of fabric, I think this is a great sweater for $6 worth of fabric and a little bit of effort!

Blog - Love Notions Canyon Cardigan-5419

I cut 3/4 sleeves for this version, and like that there is enough room for air to circulate!

Blog - Love Notions Canyon Cardigan-5387

The pattern is designed with an inverted pleat in the back…  The basting stitches are still visible here (whoops  😳), but I still kind of like it this way…

Blog - Love Notions Canyon Cardigan-5407

I would recommend that if you are going to do the pockets that you bar tack the two ends down so they lay better.  In a sweater as colorful and textured as this one, you can’t even see it!  Also, I did not have to do a full bust adjustment, which was a welcome change.  I did, however, take 1 inch off the bodice and 1 inch off the skirt to accommodate my 5’2″ height.  I then had to adjust the neckband accordingly.

Blog - Love Notions Canyon Cardigan-5285

For my second version, I selected a bamboo knit for the solid black portion (bodice and sleeves) and a rib knit for the cuffs, skirt and neckband (no pockets this time).  This version is EVERYTHING I had hoped it would be!  I can see it being worn both during the week for work and on the weekends while running errands (well, maybe when it’s not almost 100 degrees outside).

Blog - Love Notions Canyon Cardigan-5305

Again you will see that I left the pleat basting stitches in – it would open up the skirt section more if I removed them.  For this version I just serged the edges; my rolled hem attempt did not go well and either gave me a wavy lettuce hem or knotted my machine so badly that it caused me to use all the words mommy should avoid in front of the kiddos.

Blog - Love Notions Canyon Cardigan-5317

I opted for a belt tie in the rib knit and really like it.  This fabric didn’t have enough drape to lay nicely, but the belt makes ALL the difference.  I have to always accommodate my swayback when sewing and this small addition made a huge difference and I think is very flattering.

Blog - Love Notions Canyon Cardigan-5353

That’s it – grab the Canyon Cardigan* while it’s on sale for just $6 and happy fall-time sewing!

*Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive minimal compensation if you make a purchase using the links above; all opinions above are my own.

11 thoughts

  1. I love these! If I saw them in a store, I’d buy them, so whenever I see someone wearing something they made that a non-maker like me would buy, I’m beyond impressed!


    1. Aww – thank you! I only learned to sew a year ago (self taught) so I have the same thought even when I look back at things I’ve made!

      Thank you for stopping by!


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