#SWAG – New Horizons Reef Walkers & Duck Butt Treasure Pocket Tee

I got the opportunity to try out the Reef Walkers (affiliate link) by New Horizons and instantly knew I would make an urban inspired outfit to go with it!  I had some reversible double knit with dots on one side and polka dots on the other — I knew this would be perfect for that pocket detail!


As it continues to cool here in the Northeast, I knew I would need to hack this pattern into a pair of pants — and what better way to do that then to use fleece and add length and cuffs — instant joggers! And warm ones to boot.


My son was a total stinker as we were taking these photos, so it’s not my best work, but I really love the outcome.  The seam details make this a more interesting sew for a pair of bottoms for your little one.  All the pieces came together nicely – I just wish I had realized the limits in working with fleece and added more length to the pants.  Eh, you live, you hack, you learn — right?


After the pants were done, I got to work on a hoodie pattern that I thought would do the pants justice – and this Duck Butt Treasure Pocket Tee did just that!  I decided not to add the pocket – just used the colorblocking detail.  I hacked the hood from another pattern, but it’s not my finest work, so I won’t encourage you to do the same! I didn’t line the hood like I normally would because I wanted the coordinating dots to show when the hood was down.


Overall, I am REALLY happy with the full set, and can’t wait to get some more #swag sewn for my pint-sized dude!

*This post contains affiliate links — this means if you decide to purchase something from the hyperlink, I am very modestly compensated so I can buy more fabric and sew more things! 🙂



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